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Visa Services

Passport and visa services are usually done by an experienced firm as we are. People need passport and visa services for emergency passport applications, for passport renewal, new passport for child passports and even for lost passports. We also deal with individuals...

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Visa Renewal

Visa Extension: You cannot extend the e-visa, it starts after entering India and valid for the indicated period. Regular tourist visas can be extended only in special cases, such as medical emergencies, accidents; someone has stolen your passport or other personal documents, etc.

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Visa Consulting

RDI-LLC Tours and Travels provides the complete gamut of travel services to our customers, including airline and hotel reservations, custom holidays, small group tours, cruises, car rental bookings, foreign travel insurance, passport and visa facility services.

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Tour Packaging

In the development of the economy, tourism industry is playing such an important role. The hospitality industry includes all hotels that include seven star hotels from a single one. Many foreign and local tourists stay in hotels when they go for trips or journey.

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Flight Booking

At RWI-LLC you can buy your air tickets at the best price and with the best financing. Get cheap flights to travel where you want and make the sky your limit. There is a large variety of airline tickets, airlines and destinations for you to choose the one that best suits you.

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Vacation Services

Vacation services are tour excursions or holidays that make "package" of different types of services together to create a "joint" trip. Usually we mix things with transport, passport services, housing and food. They may also include a tour guide and / or leader's provision.

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Customer Reviews

There was some confusion in the way some of the questions were asked. Otherwise, things were fine. When phoning in to ask questions your people were very helpful.

Edna D
from Norway

The design and instructions on website were easy to navigate through. Everything went very smooth with a very quick turnaround in plenty of time to spare before my trip to China! Thanks RWI-LLC!

Michael M
from New York

I wasn’t impressed with the service I got, I travelled a lot of miles for appointments and was expecting a refund for an appointment that was not to be

Douglas Z
from Las Vegas